Love the new addition to our home

Hi Jennifer,We wanted to send you a picture of our finished mantel. The corbels look great with the mantel. We love this beautiful addition to our home. Thank you for all your help and best to you in your new location, Monterey county will be missing a great business.Blessings, The Romiza’s

The most beautiful Burl

The Madrone we purchased from Far West was some of the most beautiful burl we have used to decorate our boxes. It is a more difficult wood to work with as it needs to be sealed to prevent it cracking and splitting. For instance, we cut the burl we purchased into blocks and then either View Full →

Sands nice to a pretty finish…

I’ve been using Eucalyptus and walnut acquired from Far West for my knife handles. The Eucalyptus is a really hard wood but sands nice to a pretty finish. The black walnut is a little easier to work with, as it is not as hard as the Euc., but, both woods work great for my handles.