The Right Environmental Choice

a green recycling logoIn the late 90’s, it was estimated that there was 3.8 million tons of solid wood-waste going into California’s landfills each year.

While this waste was going into the landfills, there was an incredible amount of exotic wood being imported. We aren’t advocating that you should stop using those imported woods, and we may even carry some of them. But we do believe that we can better utilize the woods that are right here in our local communities. In many cases they are every bit as beautiful as the treasured exotics from around the world with their burl, figure, spalting, or other character features. We encourage you to take a look at our eco-friendly wood products.

Curly Redwood Turning blocks
Curly Redwood Turning blocks

Over 95% of the wood we offer is Urban, Salvaged or Reclaimed. These are trees that have been saved from the chipper, the local landfill, or the fireplace. These include trees that have come down in storms, (windfalls), were diseased or otherwise dying. Or they needed to be removed for highway improvement projects or safety. They can also include nut or fruit crops that were removed by farmers to plant fresh more productive crops, these traditionally have been pushed up, and burned, or chipped.  Essentially these are any woods that were not harvested for their timber value.

In addition to urban lumber, and reclaimed lumber, Far West also sells salvaged lumber such as the beetle kill pine that has died due to the drought in CA.  Utilizing these woods as lumber traps the carbon that would be emitted into the atmosphere if these woods were left to rot, chipped or burned.  It is a great benefit to the environment to mill these woods into lumber and sequester that carbon and use guilt-free wood products.