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Morus Spp.

Mulberry lumber ranges in color from medium golden brown to bumble bee, or sunflower yellow.

It is difficult to tell from Osage Orange, or black locust however if you put the shavings of Osage Orange into water the water will turn yellow as it contains a water soluble die.  The Mullberry does not.  And Black Locust will be florescent under a black light and emit a strong green yellow glow while Mulberry Lumber will not react.   Very insect and weather resistant.

A very hard wood that can turn more of a golden brown.  The less exposure this wood has, the less likely it will deepen in color so you may want to double seal it and keep it from exposure to UV rays.

Uses; furniture, bows, exterior uses (weather resistant), turnings.


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Mulberry Pen blanks, P103

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