I wanted to describe a recent engine purchase from Wood Mizer California and their wonderful team!

First of all, I love the Wood Mizer Machine, and have since purchasing new in 1996, and previously having ran a LT30 in my full service lumber yard.

Cutting to the chase...after over 7,000 real working hours (not sure what I meant except to get the idea across that it wasn’t all softwoods and not all small cuts) my third engine got weak and started spitting and sputtering.

I have 4 people working here in our milling operation, and the biggest number in the bunch is the wood mizer and operator team. I freaked out knowing I had three very important customers depending on this machine and product thereof.

I called Jennifer, got the information, gave her my card, she ran with it. I mentioned in another e mail I had gotten a Kohler the last time and she called back with a real reduction in cost based on my information…..which was all really impressive….I followed the shipping thread and the engine was here 2 days before I expected it, and it took me two hours to take the old one off and the new one was warming up for 40 minutes before we started it off making us money. I was worried sick I would spend two days on this making the engine conform to my old mill, and instead, I am absolutely as happy as a person could be!

Thank you Jennifer, Dad of Jennifer, and team of Far West Forest Products!

Don S., California, Pacific Coast Lumber, December 23, 2014


Don S., California, Pacific Coast Lumber, December 23, 2014

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