Wood-Mizer logoFar West Forest Products is; Wood-Mizer Products, California

In 2002, Wood-Mizer Products approached our company and asked us to be their representative in California. We had purchased our first Wood-Mizer sawmill in the 1990’s and it was their thought that it would be best to have much of their sales force be actual owner operators. We have partnered with Wood-Mizer ever since and now serve the states of California and Nevada; Stocking sawmills, and parts and blades as well as performing sawmill technical support and service.

We are using the same database as Wood-Mizer employees at the corporate office and have access to your serial number and ordering history. This allows us to make recommendations and provide support that best fits your needs. The inventory is owned by Wood-Mizer LLC, and all pricing and warranty will be the same regardless of which office you purchase your products from. This allows Wood-Mizer representatives to collectively provide you with the highest possible level of customer service.

Please contact us for your sawmill, parts, blades, service, and band saw sharpening needs and to let us know how we can serve you best. If you would like a catalog, or to see a demonstration,   contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

About Wood-Mizer Sawmills: from the manufacturer

Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has sold more than 70,000 sawmill around the world that have cut billions of board feet of lumber. Wood-Mizer offers a complete line of portable and industrial sawmills, resaws, edgers, kilns, log splitters, material handling equipment, bandsaw blades and blade maintenance equipment for forestry and timber professionals all over the world.

More Sawmill Options and Accessories

As the only sawmill manufacturer that offers both monorail and twin rail designs, Wood-Mizer gives you more options and accessories than any other sawmill manufacturer. Stationary or portable, manual or hydraulic, monorail or twin rail,  it’s all available from Wood-Mizer.

Timber Processing Begins with the Blade

In addition to the industry leading portable sawmill equipment line, Wood-Mizer manufactures a wide range of bandsaw blades to cut any species of timber in any part of the world. From economical carbon-steel blades for continuous production sawing to premium and durable carbide-tipped and bi-metal blades, Wood-Mizer blades provide versatility, performance, and quality for all timber sawing applications. Wood-Mizer manufactures more than 10,000 miles of blades for the worldwide market each year with a dedication to quality engineering.

The Forefront of Mill Technology

When you shop for a new car, you expect the latest technology and the highest quality available for your investment. Shopping for a mill should be no different. When you compare a Wood-Mizer sawmill, you’ll find we incorporate the highest grade technology on the market, and when we make an advancement or an improvement to our mill models, we often times make that part available to be retrofitted to an older model.

Count on our Engineers

Wood-Mizer employs the most, full-time, professional engineers in our industry. With many having more than 20 years of experience,  this team partners with the manufacturing staff to produce the best sawmill in the world and fulfill our promise to you – the promise of quality.

Accuracy Everywhere

Wood-Mizer sawmills are known for cutting accurate lumber – thin as a dime if you like. Pinpoint accuracy is achieved even in the tiny details like the outrigger hole locations. We have zero-tolerance for variances and inconsistencies so you can focus on what’s important: sawing accurate lumber.

We are happy to partner with Wood-Mizer, LLC; and if you are not already part of the Wood-Mizer family, we welcome you to join.

The Wood-Mizer Difference

10 Reasons to buy a Wood-Mizer:

  1. Wood-Mizer invented the portable band sawmill 30 years ago and revolutionized the sawmill industry
  2. Wood-Mizer offers the most customer support from our facilities in the US and Canada
  3. Wood-Mizer is 100% employee owned. Every employee takes pride in their company and product
  4. Wood-Mizer mills have cut more lumber than all other manufacturers combined… more than 60,000 mills
  5. Wood-Mizer attends more than 200 events annually so that you can see the quality of our mills in action
  6. Wood-Mizer stands behind our mills with the strongest service & warranties available
  7. Wood-Mizer mills utilize exclusive patented designs that maximize portability, durability, and usability
  8. Wood-Mizer has tens of thousands of customers that testify to the integrity of our product & service
  9. Wood-Mizer asks you to compare our mills…not on paper…but by cutting logs into lumber side by side
  10. Wood-Mizer owners/employees represent centuries of knowledge in sawmilling, and that experience is what we pass on to you