Saturday May 13th 4 Hour Wood Sale at Far Wests’ Wood Barn

Urban Lumber samples, misc. species in picture grouping
Urban Lumber samples, misc. species in picture grouping
urban lumber samples from Far West

Far West is having a wood sale at the “Wood Barn” on Saturday May 13th from 8am to 12noon!  You’ve been asking us if we were ever open on Saturdays and so we decided to give you an opportunity on a Saturday to come by and see us at the Wood Barn.  Some of the items that will be on sale will be:

Lots of turning blocks, turning blanks, boards, wide slabs, table tops, carving pieces, burl rounds, pen blanks, and more!  So if you know a carver, turner, builder, woodworker, pen maker or just a general woodworking enthusiast let them know about our 4 hour sale on Saturday May 13th.

Remember that over 95% of the woods that Far West sells is Urban lumber, salvaged lumber, or reclaimed barn wood and not harvested for its timber value.  If you want to know the backstory on a specific piece, just ask us.

The first 10 guests to arrive will receive VIP admission passes for two into the Auburn Home Show for the following weekend.

Look forward to seeing you there.

mulit colored pistachio wood slabs salvaged from retired orchard trees
pistachio wood slabs
claro walnut burl partial round, one side cut flat, with lots of purple coloring
Claro Walnut burl, partial round
Claro Walnut Burl round with some sap wood around edges
Claro Walnut Burl Round
blue oak burl round with blondes on the outside and darker chocolate colors on the inside
Oak Burl round
bastogne walnut slab, salvaged with white sap around outside edges, non-uniform in shape
Bastogne walnut slab