Timbery logoFar West is Now an Authorized Sales Center for Timbery Portable Sawmills

The purchase of a sawmill or similar equipment is for many a significant investment and should not be made blindfolded. With more then 100 brands out there a few separate themselves from the rest; at TIMBERY our mission is to provide quality, easy to operate and maintain products at unbeatable prices.

Give us a call, or come in and try the machine yourself. Compare the features, and ask questions, we’ll be happy to assist you in your decision making process.

The TIMBERY history started by engineering and designing wood processing equipment for the industry. Today, the TIMBERY line of sawmills are a result of millions of board feet behind the company. All this experience is passed on to you in this greatly designed portable sawmill.

The TIMBERY sawmills are made using the latest technologies like laser cutting and CNC machining.

Most of the TIMBERY products come standard with Subaru engines; this is not a coincidence, Subaru engines can be found in many hard working construction equipment like welders, generators, water pumps, and compactors. Although TIMBERY equipment can be fitted with other engine brands we feel that with a 3 year warranty and 4500 service centers in North America, the smooth running Subaru is an excellent choice.