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Incense Cedar; Calocedrus decurrens:

Good rot or weather resistance and can be used in outdoor application.  Used in Pencils, blinds, cedar chests and boxes, and for construction.  Incense Cedar has a spicy aroma.

Western Red Cedar; Thuja plicata:

Good Rot or weather resistance, and is therefore frequently found in outdoor applications;  Shingles, siding, construction lumber, boat building,  guitar soundboards & more.


Deadora Cedar; Cedrus Deodara or Himalayan Cedar:

Also called Himalayan Cedar is native to India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan but is currently used commonly for landscaping in other parts of the world including the US.    It has historically been used in boats in Kashmir, and Railways in India for ties, bridges, and passenger cars.  Currently it is commonly used for construction including home construction, floorboards, support beams, doors, door and window frames as well as still being used in the railway projects.


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