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Cinnamomum Camphora

This wood has a strong smell that people either love or hate. It has been used for medicinal purposes and is in the cinnamon family. It is native to China, Taiwan and Japan and other parts of South Eastern Asia. In China and Taiwan the cutting of the camphor tree was punishable by death a few centuries ago. Camphor wood is a light and soft wood that is easy to saw, it responds well to planning, hand tools and sanding. The heartwood is typically light yellow, olive, red, orange brown, or light brown with no striking difference to the sapwood. Sometimes figured with dark streaks, the grain is straight, wavy texture and fairly lustrous. Camphor wood is strongly insect repellant and has been reported to be durable against ground contact. Camphor is great when used as trunks, chests, and wardrobes because it is said to keep the moths away. It is also great to keep your silverware in as it prevents the silverware from tarnish.

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