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Quercus lobata;
Also known as Valley Oak.  This wood is not commonly seen in lumber stores.  Not because it is an inferior product once dried, but because it isn’t always profitable to mill, or acquire.  It is also not logged with the conifers as it typically grows on the valley floor not at higher logging elevations and is therefore not typically a commercially sought after tree.  However that does not affect the beauty of the wood when it is found in log form.  Frequently trees in city parks, fields, or other area’s need to be removed and we are able to salvage the logs and turn them into beautiful lumber.  When quarter or rift sawn, this lumber will have beautiful ray flecks.  Because the pores of white oak are plugged with tyloses, White oak is more suitable for water tight vessels and is more rot and decay resistant than it’s cousins in the red oak family.

We also carry blue oak and tan oak at times.