Watch Far West on Animal Planet’s Redwood Kings

Watch Far West Log for Daniel's WoodLand - The redwood Kings, on Animal Planet

The team at Far West Forest Products had the honor to do some salvage logging for Daniel’s Woodland during the filming of their new reality TV show The Redwood Kings.  The team at Daniel’s Woodland are truly masters at their trade; from designing and building one of a kind tree or play houses, and themed shooting galleries, to lifelike wood carvings.  There isn’t much their creative team cannot do.

Far West Forest Products has had the opportunity to salvage ancient Giant Sequoia Windfall logs on several different occasions for them, and can be seen in action on Animal Planets, The Redwood Kings on Friday Nov the 29th, 2013 at 9pm, (TIME-SLOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE).   In this episode, you will see Jim Evans, Cody Evans, and Jason Evans, along with the team at Daniel’s doing what they do best.  You will also get to see Cody’s son Skyler, who although young is no novice in the forestry industry, and of course Cody’s dog Ginger.   So set those DVR’s, grab your bowl of popcorn, or some leftover Thanksgiving pie, and sit back and enjoy.