Does Cottonwood make good lumber?

Butterfly - Cottonwood

We frequently hear comments that cottonwood is a, “junk” wood. Well, we would like to say that there is no such thing. All woods have a place and a value and even within a given species, that value can change significantly. Cottonwood has been used for many things through the years including; shelving, framing, paneling, sub floors, crates, pallets, lowboy decks, saddles, and caskets. And the higher quality cottonwood has been used in turning. You can surf the web at any time and find fine art and bowls that have been created from cottonwood burl, and burl cluster.

Cottonwood is frequently stained to mimic other woods including Cherry and Walnut.

Check out this pic of bookmatched cottonwood burl cluster. Cut on a Wood-Mizer, (of course) to 4/4 dimensions.   These particular pieces went into a bar in the SF bay area in CA.

Remember…..if God took the time to grow it…it isn’t junk. Have a great day.